Meet our Interns

Internships offer a carefully planned and monitored work experience. It allows students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a professional setting.

As an accredited workplace company, OOS International provides students with hands-on, career-specific experience through full-time work in an international environment.

OOS International is strongly committed to the development of its personnel and young talents following their internship onshore and offshore. Each year we are privileged to work with the best, hardworking and energetic interns. This year, in collaboration with Maritime Institute De Ruyter in Vlissingen and Rotterdam School of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, one student came to work in our head office and two young professionals followed their internship on board one of our most sophisticated units.

Peer van den Bleek

Meet Peer van den Bleek, who just finished his Engineering internship on board the OOS Gretha, one of our best class Semi-Submersible Crane Vessels situated along the coast in Brazil.

“A wonderful experience and challenge to learn about the different technical disciplines of engineering working together with the most competent crew on board the OOS Gretha”, explains Peer van den Bleek. “Trainees will learn the fundamentals of engineering during their internship, patrol of the engine room with the second/third engineer or fitter, engineering activities on the engines, cranes, bridge and DP systems and control of the oil mist detectors.”

To maintain the highest level of safety possible and ensure safety every day, the first focus of our interns is gaining knowledge of safe working practices on board under the guidance of our Safety Officer. Under supervision of the Chief Engineer, Peer van den Bleek got the opportunity to experience the synergy between our vessel departments and advanced equipment, how it is driven by modern technology and highly qualified people, the brain and central nervous system of the unit. Peer primarily enjoyed investigating the cause of technical issues on the engines, substantiating the problem and finding the best possible solution.

“To be an effective Marine Engineer you must have the ability to work in a team, communicate, have problem solving skills and knowledge of the ballast system of the unit, and apply them when needed. Spending six weeks 24/7 on board means working closely together with your colleagues, having fun together and respecting each other. This makes OOS crew a strong and vital team and returning onboard feels like being back at home, “ Peer van den Bleek adds.

Peer recommends cadets who just started their internship to plan and organize their activities and communicate with their supervisors and the team onboard on the action and progress of their studies to successfully complete assignments effectively and on time.

Peer will continue his fourth year at the Maritime Institute De Ruyter in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. After graduation, he is interested in finding a job in the Maritime and Offshore Industry.

After a successful period for cadets Peer van den Bleek and Peter van den Wouden, who have been a great addition to our team, OOS International has decided to continue with internships on board. This time with two multidisciplinary Bachelor Maritime Officers, Ramon Francke and Ruben Altorffer, offering them Technical Engineering, Safety – and Nautical Officer activities on the OOS Gretha.

Both students are in their graduation year at the Maritime University in Vlissingen (Flushing), the Netherlands and will work back to back on a rotating basis.

Ramon Francke

“This will be a very big learning experience and I would like to thank OOS International for the opportunity they have given me”

Ruben Altorffer

“During the coming months I will be doing my final internship and thesis at OOS international. It’s very exciting to be able do this at such a young and innovative company and I’m looking forward to embarking!”

OOS International offers internships year-round on a variety of research projects and teams at the office. Meet Thom Poppelier, who started his six-month internship at our headquarters in Serooskerke, the Netherlands. Thom is a third-year student of the Bachelor Small Business & Retail Management at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and our new Business Development Intern since September.

Thom Poppelier

“This internship at OOS International will be a personal challenge. I am honored that the company has given me the opportunity to gain knowledge about the offshore industry as this sector is completely new for me, many new terms and experiences. OOS International is a young and dynamic company providing students and young professionals a great deal of space for individual contributions and ideas and the opportunity to get an insight into various projects. So far, this internship is above expectations and I am looking forward to the following months at OOS International. “

We will provide Ruben, Ramon and Thom all the equipment they need to bring out the best in their talents and skills. We are tremendously happy to have these three intelligent people onboard and wish them an instructive, inspirational and wonderful time at OOS International.

If you are a graduate or undergraduate looking for an internship at a young international offshore company, explore the opportunities at OOS International to challenge yourself and build relationships with the best in the industry. Contact us by phone or send an enquiry form to Careers Onshore for onshore availability or Careers Offshore for an offshore internship.