OOS Tiradentes
OOS Tiradentes


SSAV OOS Tiradentes

DP3 Semi-Submersible Crane/Construction/Accommodation Vessel

Vessel Details


Registry: Liberia

Build: 2017 CIMC Raffles

Class: ABS A1

Principal Characteristics

Length: 106.45 m

Beam: 68.90 m

Height: 36.25 m (to main deck)

Accommodation: 600 beds

Cranes: 2x 60 ton

Generating power: 6 x 5445 kw

Thrusters: DPS3 6x 3.8 Mw fully Azimuth

Gangway: Telescopic Hydraulic 38.5 m (+/- 7.5 m) length

Helideck: (1x) suitable for Sikorsky S-92 and S-61N or similar

Operation area: Brazilian waters, Gulf of Mexico, South East Asia, North Sea, African west coast, Australia

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