Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting

Heavy Lifting

OOS International offers a fleet of heavy lift vessels in accordance with the best professional standards, striving to provide the most effective and added value solutions to our customers’ satisfaction.
Our units are built to meet the highest requirements for offshore heavy lifting, with capacities of 3600 tons (two Huisman cranes) at the OOS Gretha and 1100 tons on board of the OOS Prometheus.

The semi-submersible hull shapes of the units are the pride of our company, which enables us to work efficiently and make us reliable on achieving our commitments towards heavy lifting jobs.
Our stable and dynamic vessels can install numerous fixed- and floating structures in both shallow- and deep water.

Special features
Our fleet of unique crane vessels provide a reduction of weather downtime due to our semi-submersible hull shapes as well as 25% less fuel consumption due to brace less hull design. Accommodation is available during hook-up support. The vessels have a dual crane capacity for installation of integrated decks. The large work deck space and vessel motion behaviour ensure a safe working environment for all people on board. They can also be used for transportation of modules and equipment on deck of the crane vessels, reducing costs and improving workability.