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Welcome to the offshore world of Overdulve Offshore Services (OOS International)

OOS International offers a variety of marine assets and support services to the oil and gas industry ranging from ship and asset management, engineering to maintenance and operation services. This range enables us to provide customers with a single service or a one-stop-shop offer. Our competitive advantage depends on the skills, experience, competency and creativity of our people – our most valuable resource.

The present fleet is consisting out of a combination of dynamically positioned and anchored semisubmersibles vessels. OOS-International is aiming to be the market leader and company of choice regarding the provision of offshore accommodation and construction floatels.

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Executive Chairman / CEO

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Why Choose OOS

Why choose OOS

Oil prices rise and oil prices fall. However, there are always constants behind fluctuating figures: the depletion of producing fields and an underlying long-term capacity shortfall. Whatever the short-term market prices of oil and gas, and wherever we are in the economic cycle, as an oil and gas operator, reducing your operational costs always makes sense.

And this is exactly where OOS-International can help you.


Operating Consulting

We offer offshore assets, consultancy and management services and provide support to many international organizations

Our aim is to provide the best solutions for both our clients and our personnel. No matter how tight your budget is we have a convenient package to suit your needs. We always focus on improvements for any Oil Major without compromising safety.

  • Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Technical Management
  • Vessel conversion Management
  • New build project Management
  • Docking period Management
  • Crew Management
  • Catering Management

Fleet and equipment

OOS-International's Safety Management System is based upon operating semisubmersible crane vessels, moored and dynamically positioned "floatels" and different types of offshore vessel, accommodation barge and jack-up barges from international bases.

Our main goal is to provide a time-sensitive supply service to the offshore oil and gas industry.

OOS-International currently operates two semisubmersible crane vessels and is presently the market leader in South America.

AP1_0164pc-2The OOS Gretha measures 137.5 m in length, has a beam of 81 m and a depth (base line to main deck) of 39 m. It has a maximum variable load of 7070 t and can accommodate 618 people.

The vessel is also equipped with a dynamic positioning 3 (DP 3) system, which was classified by ABS. It is the world's first asymmetric semisubmersible unit without bracing. This offers a reduced towing resistance and dynamic positioning load for greatly improved sailing speed and an increase in average transit speed from about 8 knots to more than 12 knots. The improved design also means that the OOS Gretha can withstand over 22 m waves.

IMG_4069The OOS Prometheus measures 118 m in length and has a width of 70 m and a depth of 38 m. It has maximum variable load 5000 t and can accommodate 500 people.

The ABS-classed semisubmersible can operate in a maximum depth of 1000 m of water. It is equipped with a 1100-t deck crane and has a clear deck space of 3000 m3, which provides plenty of storage room for large offshore equipment.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

  • To Stay The Pioneer Within The Offshore Construction & Accommodation Industry.

Our Mission

  • To Protect Our Values, Freedom And The Environment Provided By Our Ancestors.

Our Core Values

  • Value Trust And Personal Responsibility
  • Work With Integrity, Honesty And Respect
  • Maintain Professionalism And Strive for Continuous Improvement And Innovation
  • Strive To Create A Safe Work Environment
  • Support Our Sub-Contractors To Jointly Create Quantum Leaps In Our Industry
  • Value Each Employee’s Contribution Toward Achieving Our Business Objectives