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OOS International is an offshore service provider for ship management, accommodation, decommissioning and heavy lifting. OOS International offers unique assets that go beyond customer expectations. Fully certified to ensure safe, high quality and environmental friendly operations.

OOS International | Head Office


Welcome to Overdulve Offshore Services (OOS International).
OOS International owns a variety of advanced marine assets offering an exceptional level of support to the oil and gas industry, ranging from ship management, engineering, maintenance and operational services. This range enables us to deliver customers with a single service or a one-stop-shop offer.


We are proud of our unique fleet which provides accommodation, heavy lift installation and decommissioning solutions with the highest safety and technological standards. From our head office in Villa Welgelegen in Serooskerke, The Netherlands, we manage our overseas operations. We have a strong local presence internationally, with offices in various countries which serve as the focal point for optimal reach and business facilities in the offshore market.

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