Heavy Lifting

OOS International offers a fleet of heavy lift vessels in accordance with the best professional standards, striving to provide the most effective and added value solutions to our customers’ satisfaction.

Our units are built to meet the highest requirements for offshore heavy lifting, with capacities of 3600 tons (two Huisman cranes) at the OOS Gretha and 1100 tons on board of the OOS Prometheus.

The semi-submersible hull shapes of the units are the pride of our company, which enables us to work efficiently and make us reliable on achieving our commitments towards heavy lifting jobs.

Our stable and dynamic vessels can install numerous fixed- and floating structures in both shallow- and deep water.

Our fleet of unique crane vessels provide a reduction of weather downtime due to our semi-submersible hull shapes as well as 25% less fuel consumption due to brace less hull design. Accommodation is available during hook-up support. The vessels have a dual crane capacity for installation of integrated decks. The large work deck space and vessel motion behaviour ensure a safe working environment for all people on board. They can also be used for transportation of modules and equipment on deck of the crane vessels, reducing costs and improving workability.


OOS International offers our clients turnkey solutions when it comes to cost effective decommissioning services, integrating offshore accommodation facilities with heavy lift capacity. This unique combination makes OOS International the preferred partner for your potential decommissioning projects.

Decommissioning projects of offshore installations are very complicated, often even more than the original installation itself. The condition of the platform throughout the years, the utility and safety systems, its residual strength and actual weight must all be assessed and taken into consideration. OOS International can be your ideal business partner for these processes.

OOS International provides full range of solutions for the oil majors, with the combination of heavy lifting cranes, large deck space and self-propelled vessels to offload the project cargo onshore.

Other important advantages of our units are the ability to accommodate large number of project crew and the vessels have a large deck space which is ideal for the storage of steel structures.

OOS International guarantees that our multi-purpose Semi-Submersible Crane, Construction- and Accommodation Units are the ideal central piece in every decommissioning project worldwide.

Our services consist of project engineering, heavy lifting and accommodation, developing safe and effective methods for removal and offloading of offshore structures such as jackets and topsides.


OOS International has positioned itself as a provider of high quality, cost-efficient customized accommodation solutions for the offshore construction support industries. Our vessels are unique by their configuration. We are currently operating two Semi-Submersible Crane, Construction- and Accommodation Units both chartered under long-term contracts.

OOS International is a young and energetic company, operating with a lean staff, making the contributions of each individual critical to our success; aiming to be the market leader and first choice company for the provision of offshore accommodation and construction vessels.

OOS International provides the best equipment to ensure safe and comfortable accommodations for offshore personnel. We have a highly trained crew to guarantee all HSEQ standards are met at all times. Therefore, we strive at customer excellence in all our endeavors.

OOS International accommodation units have a capacity of 500 and 618 people, respectively, and offering high hospitality facilities, deckspace, workshops, medical services and safety equipment in general accordance with the best professional standards. The vessels are positioned alongside the fixed- or floating host installations and are connected by means of an telescopic gangway, working to an uptime of 100%.


OOS International is an American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certified Shipmanagement Company specialized in managing Semi-Submersible Crane, Construction- and Accommodation Units.

OOS International provides you with the full range of shipmanagement services as agent to owners. All vessels meet the present stringent safety and environmental requirements and are subject to intensive maintenance programs, in order to lift your projects to a higher level.

OOS International provides ship management services for capital investment companies, ship owners and for all other potential offshore partners. We will provide bespoke shipmanagement solutions for all of your business requirements. OOS International distinguishes itself by experience with the combination of both heavy lift construction- and accommodation supporting semi-submersible vessels. With the services listed below, we always work cooperatively with our customers and partners, focusing on improvements, but without compromising on safety.

Construction Management

Project Management

Operational Management

Crew Management