Je bekijkt nu OOS SMF and Aquamossel-Triton sign a partnership agreement

OOS SMF and Aquamossel-Triton sign a partnership agreement

April 30th 2024

OOS SMF B.V. announced on April 10 that it will conduct a pilot project to grow mussels in the open sea at the Borssele wind farm. With this trial, OOS aims to gain insights into mussel seed collection, mussel growth, and the impact of bad weather on the innovative system designed by OOS. Cultivating mussels in the open sea requires a different approach from growing them in sheltered waters like the Oosterschelde. OOS has extensive experience working in the open sea.

OOS is now taking the next step by partnering with Aquamossel-Triton V.O.F. based in Yerseke. Aquamossel-Triton will support OOS with the cultivation process, monitor of mussel growth, and oversee the final harvest and sale of the mussels. Aquamossel-Triton is the largest mussel processor in Yerseke and holds about a third of the fresh mussel market.

The test is expected to take about 2 years and, if the results are positive, OOS and Aquamossel-Triton plan to build and operate a large (half-sinkable) mussel farm together off the coast of Zeeland.

Leon Overdulve (CEO of OOS): “We believe in the success of cultivating mussels at sea. Mussel production in the Oosterschelde has been decreasing for many years. The system designed by OOS offers the possibility of halting the decline of the Dutch mussel sector. We expect to be able to bring a unique product to the market soon: the Zeeland North Sea mussel.”

David de Koeijer (Aquamossel-Triton): “We are curious to see the results this test will bring and gladly support such initiatives. Together with OOS, we strive to make this test a success.”

Coen Mijnsbergen (CFO of OOS): “The test required a significant investment. The goal is to establish a large mussel farm. Cultivating mussels at sea fits into the food transition. Mussels absorb CO2 and contain a lot of healthy proteins. Compared to meat, mussel production is very sustainable.”

OOS and Aquamossel-Triton signed an agreement on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, to emphasize their plans.

Picture 1: Léon Overdulve (OOS SMF) David de Koeijer (Aquamossel-Triton)
Picture 2: Impression of the final design of the OOS SMF