8800t quad lift OOS Serooskerke and OOS Walcheren.

OOS International proudly presents an artist impression of a maximised capacity lift performed by the OOS Walcheren and the OOS Serooskerke.

Driven by market demands OOS International continues to develop solutions for lifting large, odd shaped structures weighing over 4400t. The unique availability of four identical cranes on board the
OOS Serooskerke and OOS Walcheren provide the required capacity and flexibility to perform these lifts.

The OOS Serooskerke and OOS Walcheren are identical sister semi-submersible crane vessels which, due to the unique hull design, are characterised by excellent motion behaviour. Each vessel is equipped with a state-of-the-art Dynamic Positioning System and two high capacity Offshore Mast Cranes. Together these characteristics make the OOS Serooskerke and OOS Walcheren the ideal vessel combination to perform parallel lifting operations up to a theoretical 8800t.