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Our social responsibility

OOS International invests in people and the environment worldwide. Not only because we care about our employees and business relations in and around our office locations, but we believe we can help achieve a more sunstainable future for our society. Therefore, we contribute to education, research and a healthy lifestyle in money, time and effort through local social projects on places where help is needed. In spite of the fact we would like to support as much projects as we can, we are not able to contribute to them all. In order to take your request in consideration, please fill in the application form and our Communications Department will be in touch with you within two weeks.

General conditions
Requests must be clearly defined and include the action from OOS International as well as the desired outcome;
Applicants must have a good reputation and be generally esteemed;
The project shall not bring any damage to the reputation of OOS International;
In manifestations of the project OOS International will be mentioned as sponsor of the project;
Only projects that cannot be financed through other regular channels are allowed;
Projects in countries where a transparant accountability and our goals will not be obtained because of corruption are not accepted.

Download the application form here. We kindly ask you to upload and send the form on our Contact page. Only completed forms will be accepted.

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OOS International together with other companies will sponsor Dutch ambitious team 24Vision with their international challenge on Amsterdam Dakar 2017. Like OOS International, this team with mechanics who are not afraid to get their hands dirty is driven by technology and becoming one of the best on global projects. This adventures rally of 18 days

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