Je bekijkt nu Collaboration OOS SMF B.V. and Deltares

Collaboration OOS SMF B.V. and Deltares

November 29th 2022

OOS SMF B.V. is in the final phase of the development of a semi-submersible mussel farm (SMF) for the cultivation of mussels in the North Sea and/or other offshore areas. In combination with offshore wind farms under development this offers many great opportunities and is fully aligned with the government’s wishes to use the offshore windfarm areas for multiple activities. Mussels are traditionally grown in sheltered waters such as the Oosterschelde in the Netherlands. However, the production of mussels in these areas is declining rapidly due to changing regulations and environmental/physical influences. Growing mussels at sea is therefore “The” solution to maintain and increase production and is also aligned with the current developments in the food transition, reducing CO2 emissions while creating a better and new environment for sea life.

A win-win situation.

OOS SMF B.V. and Deltares enter into partnership for a test program for the SMF.

On Tuesday, November 29, 2022, OOS SMF B.V. and Deltares will confirm the collaboration for the implementation of a test program for the Semi-Submersible Mussel Farm at the Offshore Energy 22 Exhibition.

In 2023, OOS SMF B.V., in collaboration with Deltares, will start a physical model trial in the Deltares test facilities in Delft, combined with a real-time pilot in the offshore wind farm in Borssele, for which the permit has been issued by the government. Based on the results of the model test and the real-time pilot, the final (semi-submersible) unit will be developed and taken into production in collaboration with renowned market parties, this includes mussel farmers, processing companies and trading companies. OOS SMF B.V. will use its technical knowledge and expertise to realize and further develop this innovative solution.

Deltares: Peter Wellens, Kyscha Huijgen
OOS International: Eric Wakkee, Stefan van Mierlo