First Mast Crane OOS Serooskerke

On July 8th 2019, the first Offshore Mast Crane onboard OOS Serooskerke completed a stringent test regime along the quayside of China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu). The testing was completed over a period of 2 weeks and included function test(s), cause and effect testing, load test(s) with various weights using different hoist, at different radius, and finally ended off with an overload test using a proof load of 2420mt on the main hoist slewing 360 degrees.


The second Offshore Mast Crane is expected to commence testing end of July and subsequently, the cranes will be prepared for offshore testing. Let’s congratulate the team comprising of OOS, CMHI, Huisman and ABS for making the test(s) a successful one.