OOS Tiradentes achieved a score of 100%

After one year of operation under the new contract with Petrobras we are proud to announce that, the Tiradentes achieved a score of 100% of the Performance Evaluation Bulletin (Boletim de Avaliação de Desempenho), which resulted in the rating “Excellent”.

Right from the start of the new contract which included additional requirements, our offshore crew, onshore support team and CIMC worked closely to accomplish this performance, unique within the Petrobras fleet.

Despite all challenges of the Covid-19 restrictions, especially regarding crew changes and health & safety onboard, we managed to perform at the highest level possible.

Special thanks to Petrobras, for the huge effort taken to continue operations safely amidst a pandemic.

With new standards set and expectations created, we look forward to the Tiradentes’ next 12 months of operation.