OOS Walcheren successfully undocked

At 3pm (local time) on 18th July 2019, the OOS Walcheren was successfully undocked from CMHI (Jiangsu) dry dock. The undocking operation was a complicated and complex process due to the limited water depth, even though preparations for her undocking started months in advance. Compared to the undocking of her sister vessel the OOS Serooskerke, the undocking of the OOS Walcheren was quicker and more efficient, both in terms of cost and scheduling perspectives. The floodgates of the dock were opened on 16th July 2019 and the OOS Walcheren was afloat 2 days later. Along with the high tide, the OOS Walcheren was escorted out of the dry dock to the fanfare of several tug boats and a sparkling fireworks display. This marks a significant milestone for the OOS Walcheren, which has bettered the building progress record by 1 month of its sister vessel the OOS Serooskerke, compared to last year. She is now berthed alongside her sister vessel on the same quay. The OOS Walcheren will now spend subsequent months along the quayside, completing the systems commissioning as well as installation of the cranes, before she heads out offshore for her thruster installation and sea trials. Let’s us congratulate our team in China for their achievement and we look forward to the continued success of OOS Walcheren with continued zero loss time incidence on the project.