Je bekijkt nu Joint-venture OOS International B.V. and Sagro: SAGROOS

Joint-venture OOS International B.V. and Sagro: SAGROOS

OOS International, Serooskerke and Sagro, ‘s- Heerenhoek, both based in Zeeland, The Netherlands, have signed a joint-venture agreement named SAGROOS.

In this unique partnership both companies will excel in their distinctive specialisms. OOS International will generate a continues supply of steel to the yard of SAGROOS by executing the offshore removal and so-called “pick-up service” of steel offshore structures. Sagro, with all relevant experience and certification to execute the dismantling operations as per latest regulations and highest standards, will take care of the total dismantling, scrapping and recycling of steel structures “picked-up” by OOS International.

All activities will take place in the new built, state-of-the-art, yard in the Port of Vlissingen, the Netherlands.

Sagro is a cluster of enterprises in the fields of dismantling, infrastructure, logistics, environment & spatial use and recycling. Each platform, ship or other offshore structure reaches the end of its lifetime at some point and this necessitates decommissioning. The work must be done in a safe and cost-effective way, with as little environmental impact as possible. With half a century of experience in the industrial demolition business, Sagro is able to provide their clients with expert advice and information.

CEO Raoul de Jonge: “We look forward to work together with OOS on their upcoming decommissioning projects, as Sagro and OOS complement each other’s activities. It is good to see that both our companies have strong and proud roots in the Zeeland region. This joint venture will be a good development to strengthen both our positions within the decommissioning market. We have followed the fast growing reputation of OOS closely, and are very confident about the cooperation with Léon Overdulve”.

OOS International is an international offshore company providing highly qualified construction services within the oil and gas industry. The company has a unique position offering turnkey accommodation, heavy lift installation, P&A and decommissioning solutions. With their outstanding fleet existing of state-of-the-art multifunctional semi-submersible crane vessels with a specially reinforced large open deck space, a crane capacity up to 4400t in tandem lift and a highly experienced and fully trained team which is passionate about the industry.

CEO Léon Overdulve: “The down to earth and no-nonsense mentality of Sagro appeals a lot to us. We are honored to become a team member of this new and dynamic joint venture. The “family-owned” structure of both companies will implement swift and straightforward decision-making. This JV enables OOS to offer the complete decom cycle ranging from P&A to final disposal”.

With the joint forces of both companies, SAGROOS will fully take care of the complete disposal within the decommissioning process including the offshore “pick-up” service.