Je bekijkt nu Launch of test OOS-SMF (pilot)

Launch of test OOS-SMF (pilot)

April 11th 2024

Since the presentation of the Semi-Submersible Mussel Farm at the Offshore Energy Exhibition 2021, OOS SMF B.V. has been busy with further development of the innovative project to cultivate offshore mussels on a large scale, in the North Sea part of Zeeland.

In 2022, OOS SMF B.V. conducted a model test in collaboration with Deltares at their test facilities in Delft. A scale model was tested under various current, wave, and wind conditions to investigate the behavior of the system, even up to 13-meter waves.

The positive results and subsequent findings have been incorporated into the further design of the SMF and it’s test version.
For this pilot, OOS SMF B.V. has developed a test-SMF, which will examine various aspects of the final SMF, including technical details and the growth of mussels offshore.

A real time test is the next important step in the development process, which will be conducted in the Borssele wind farm for which a permit was previously issued.

Five backbones with mussel lines will be attached to the test-SMF for the cultivation of mussels offshore (so-called suspended cultivation). Over a period of approximately 2 to 2.5 years, both the growth of mussels and the behavior of the system will be monitored.
After the testing period, the data obtained from the Deltares test and the real-time test will lead to the final design of the Semi-Submersible Mussel Farm.
On April 10, 2024, the launch of the test-SMF, named OOS Madelief, took place in Middelburg in the presence of invitees from both the Mussel industry and government.

OOS SMF B.V. aims to provide a solution for the declining mussel production with the SMF as mussels contain many healthy nutrients and even absorb CO2. Growing mussels emits very low CO2 and is therefore better for the climate than meat production.

Research also shows that mussel farming has a positive impact on the sea’s biodiversity and with its position within the wind farm, the SMF contributes to the multi-functionality of offshore wind farms.

Picture 1: Dimensions of the test unit: 9.60 * 9.60 meters Weight: 49 tons
Picture 2: Impression of the launch party
Picture 3: Impression of the final design of the OOS SMF