Je bekijkt nu Next generation: The world’s most comprehensive offshore solution for OOS International

Next generation: The world’s most comprehensive offshore solution for OOS International

Serooskerke, The Netherlands, August 23rd 2017

Chairman of OOS International, Mr. Leon Overdulve, has started a new company with a former executive of an offshore drilling company under the name of OOS Energy The company confirms the development of a unique type of vessel, the OOS Luctor et Emergo, touted with new features providing significant benefits to operators within the oil and gas sector. This innovation makes the company the first within the industry offering a powerful combination of decommissioning and drilling services.

The offshore decommissioning market is expected to grow due to thousands of uneconomic platforms worldwide that need to be removed in the upcoming years. With this game-changing vessel, supported by major partner China Merchants Industry Holdings, the company brings in a new strategy.

“Well-plugging and abandonment (P&A) is the most expensive part of the decommissioning process; not only the technical complexity, but also the amount of time necessary to accomplish both activities is crucially important. It is our aim to add value to oil companies all in the interest of providing an easier, faster and more cost-efficient comprehensive solution for the dismantling of platforms”, says Mr. Overdulve.

OOS International is proud of its fleet existing of two semi-submersible crane vessels (SSCV) which are currently stationed in Brazil for the renovation and maintenance of platforms for Petrobras. The company forms a joint venture with China Merchants Industry Holdings for building two new SSCV’s, the OOS Serooskerke and OOS Walcheren, expected in 2019 for mainly decommissioning purposes.

OOS Energy together with the OOS engineering department will be located in the former Lloyd’s Register office in Serooskerke, recently bought by OOS International.

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