Je bekijkt nu OOS Aquaculture Strategic Expansion and Infrastructure Boost

OOS Aquaculture Strategic Expansion and Infrastructure Boost

November 28th 2023


OOS Aquaculture, a subsidiary of the OOS Group, is a pioneer in the aquaculture industry, known for its Semi-Submersible Mussel Farm (SMF) designed for offshore mussel cultivation.


New player OOS Aquaculture strategically strengthens its position by opening an office at Saidia Marina, Morocco. This in addition to acquiring two pontoons forms a foundation for an innovative development of the aquaculture infrastructure.

Infrastructure Reinforcement:

OOS Aquaculture has acquired a location for the construction of a state-of-the-art production line. This milestone signifies a step forward, laying the foundation for the realization of its ambitious goals in offshore mussel farming. The decision to invest in advanced infrastructure aligns with OOS Aquaculture’s vision for expansion, growth, innovation and more affiliated activities.

Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation:

The latest developments not only emphasize growth but are also a commitment to sustainability and innovation. OOS Aquaculture’s pursuit to do so is evident in its proactive measures to enhance aquacultural infrastructure, ensuring a sustainable and efficient future for mussel farming.


OOS Aquaculture strategically cements its position in the aquaculture sector, especially in mussels, through calculated endeavours. With the emphasis on strategic locations, infrastructure enhancement, and a strong commitment to sustainability, OOS Aquaculture is poised for leadership in the dynamic world of aquaculture.

Picture 1: Mr. M.L Aarab, Head of Investor Support Department ANDA. Mohamed Nassiri (OOS). Leon Overdulve (OOS). Coen Mijnsbergen (OOS). Fabio van Ostra (OOS). Mr. M Amzough, Head of Investement, Promotion and Studies Department ANDA.

Picture 2: Fabio van Ostra (OOS). Dragan Maslovar (OOS). Mohamed Nassiri (OOS). Mr. Mohamed Ali Habouha de Gouverneur van Provincie Berkane. Mr. Mohamed Sabri Directeur Generale. Centre regional d’investissement de l’Oriental. Leon Overdulve (OOS)