Je bekijkt nu OOS Energy reveals game-changing Multi Activity Unit

OOS Energy reveals game-changing Multi Activity Unit

OOS Energy, an affiliated company of Holding OOS International Group B.V., has revealed its game-changing vessel.

The Multi Activity Unit (MAU) is a newly designed self-propelled, dynamically positioned jack-up capable of performing a wide range of services.

The unit is equipped with a high efficiency Plug & Abandonment (P&A) package able to perform well intervention/workover, drilling operations and performing activities simultaneous on multiple wells.

The unit is further equipped with a large accommodation and 2 x 1200MT cranes, which supports in removing the majority of platforms in the Southern North Sea or other areas in the world with water depths up to 80 meters.

In addition, with this unit OOS Energy is able to transport and offload removed structures without the support of other vessels or heavy lift equipment. Its design and lifting capability provides an immense efficiency that can also be used in the offshore wind energy sector for installation of monopiles, jackets and turbines.

During the design OOS Energy, in cooperation with the vessel designer, ensured that for all operations the capability of the unit is maximized while keeping the size within limits.

“The strength of our concept is SIMOPS (simultaneous operations); combining P&A with heavy lift operations up to 2,400T without the need of a marine spread or mobilizing multiple vessels is in our view a cost reducing exercise. The MAU will be available to all parties involved within the P&A/decommissioning and wind installation market. Discussions are well underway with potential clients recognizing the efficiency of this unit,” says Mr. Léon Overdulve, CEO of OOS International.

OOS Energy is actively working on finalizing the equipment packages and in final discussions with shipyards for the construction of two units with an expected availability in Q4-2020 and Q1-2021. The first unit is to be named Luctor et Emergo.

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