Je bekijkt nu OOS Gretha and OOS Prometheus excellent scores with Petrobras

OOS Gretha and OOS Prometheus excellent scores with Petrobras

Again OOS International can announce a proud and successful continuation of Client Contractors Evaluation called PMDF which is published every quartile by client Petrobras.

The OOS Prometheus was for the fourth successive time graded Excellent with now a score of 97. The OOS Gretha climbed up the ladder to an Excellent score of 91, where there was already a good score in the previous quarter of 86.

The purpose of the Contractor Evaluation and Performance Indicator (PMDF) is to provide an evaluative record concerning the performance of the contractor involving a list of indicators on health, safety, environmental and quality procedures for personnel on board. The evaluation model is used by Petrobras to determine the performance of OOS International’s practices as a contractor at corporate and project level. For both parties, it is most important that there will be no accidents, the system and equipment failures will be reduced and there are less personnel mutations.

We strive for a safe and positive environment in which all systems and processes support the highest level of efficiency. Our achieved performance scores demonstrate our continuous focus on customer service and management to improve operational excellence and organizational success.

We are truly thankful for each and every one of our employees. This excellent results would not be possible without the spirit of our experienced and dedicated team. We are sure our crews and shore based personnel will strive to keep these Excellent result on an Excellent level!