Je bekijkt nu OOS International supports Talokoto Netherlands foundation

OOS International supports Talokoto Netherlands foundation

Serooskerke, The Netherlands 18th of May 2018

The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in the world. There is a lack of many things, especially medication, good medical care, school supplies and a shortage of food. All this effects the lives of the Gambians, young and old. The Talokoto Netherlands Foundation is dedicated to help this terrible situation in The Gambia.

The Talokoto Netherlands Foundation had the intention to send aid to The Gambia, only they ran into problems with shipping supplies from The Netherlands to The Gambia. For this reason, OOS was approached at the time to help transport this container to The Gambia. OOS was very interested in contributing in this great project and is very enthusiastic about sponsoring such a great cause.

The Talokoto Netherlands Foundation has been active in The Gambia for many years. The main goal of this foundation is to improve the living conditions of children with disabilities. They do this by offering children the things they need to become more or less self-reliant at a later age. When children are able to learn, tuition and learning materials are paid for. When children are sick, medication is taken care of. Appropriate aids are given to the children and attention is paid to the nutrition of the children (

In collaboration with other organizations, OOS International made sure the container arrived in The Gambia in the 2nd half of March 2018. Cboxcontainers ( provided the container and together with, OOS international arranged and paid for the transport. The container was full of medical supplies like bandages, wheelchairs, special beds, mattresses, all kinds of school items, school furniture, sewing machines, clothing and footwear and much more. With the contents of this container, many children, elderly and schools were helped.

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