OOS International achieves Excellence with OOS Prometheus and OOS Gretha

[:en]Serooskerke, The Netherlands, May 22nd 2017
OOS International strives to provide the best customer service and exceed expectations every day. We strongly adhere to a positive safety culture, follow occupational health procedures, support environmental aspects and continuously improve our quality.
The company sets key performance indicators and targets for HSEQ issues, benchmarks and reports against the highest available standards. With a beautiful score of 100 for OOS Prometheus and 94 for OOS Gretha on the Contractor Evaluation and Performance Indicator (PMDF) with client Petrobras, we can ensure excellent offshore construction services to our customers.
The evaluation results represent the high performance of our experienced staff and advanced fleet on a global level. This great achievement would not have been possible without the drive, commitment and dedication of our team. We thank everyone involved for their hard work and support!


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