Steel Cutting Ceremony Huisman Offshore Mast Cranes for OOS Serooskerke

[:en]On Wednesday, October 25th, the steel cutting of the offshore mast cranes for our newbuild vessel OOS Serooskerke took place at the Huisman factory located in Zhang Zhou, Xiamen, PRC China.

There will be two offshore mast cranes installed on the OOS Serooskerke which is currently under construction at China Merchant Heavy Industries (Jiangsu).

These cranes are capable of lifting 2200mt per crane and up to 4400mt when operating in tandem lift mode. The design of the active heave compensation system allows the cranes to perform subsea lifting down to 3300m water depth.

The cranes are expected to be completed by the end of 2018 for installation on the OOS Serooskerke.

OOS International is excited and pleased to have reached another milestone as we move closer to having a state-of-the-art Semi-Submersible Heavy Lift Accommodation Vessel ready to serve the offshore industry.