Je bekijkt nu Successful model test Semi-Submersible Mussel Farm

Successful model test Semi-Submersible Mussel Farm

The model test of the Semi-Submersible Mussel Farm in the Deltares test facility in Delft was completed successfully.

OOS SMF B.V. asked Deltares to evaluate their concept for a Semi-Submersible Mussel Farm (SMF) through physical model testing.

Most important questions for Deltares related to the mussel lines and in particular: motion behavior of the lines, The force of the lines generated by waves and its influence on the platform, the influence of the lines on current and flow rate in the middle of the field and possible reduction of nutrient supply.

The SMF was modeled in the Deltares Atlantic Basin at a scale factor of 1:30. The challenge lay in the careful rescaling of the mussel lines and the labor required to fabricate 72 backbones with
mussel lines.

During fundamental testing, underwater cameras were used to monitor the dynamic behavior of the mussel lines. The tests consisted of varying the sea conditions, direction of current, strength of current within a repetitive period of 25 years. These tests also focused on the various configurations of backbones and mussel lines.

With these results of the physical model tests, OOS SMF B.V. can take an important step towards the launch of the SMF concept.