Je bekijkt nu The Children’s Art Week (KKW)

The Children’s Art Week (KKW)

Partially due to the efforts of OOS International, the 4th grade of the primary school “Wegwijzer, Serooskerke”, was able to enjoy and learn a visual art production from, among others, Zoro Feigl, Wim Bakker, Sabine Beckmann and Iris v’t Bosch.

The students together with OOS International employees visited CBK Zeeland in Middelburg; They visited the exhibition “Full of energy”. The event was organized as part of the Children’s Art Week.

The Children’s Art Week (KKW) is an annual event organized by the Children’s Art Week Foundation in which all schools for primary and special education in Zeeland can participate. The Children’s Art Week Foundation wants children to become acquainted with modern and contemporary visual art and to give teachers guidance on how to accomplish this venture. Museums, artists, galleries and other art and culture providers are actively involved in the KKW. During the Children’s Art Week, activities are offered for inside and outside school and during the children’s free time.

It was a highly educational morning for the students and for our OOS International colleagues!