The local chapter of the Junior Chamber International

[:en]Yesterday evening February 11th, OOS International hosted the local chapter of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) at our head office in Serooskerke.

The JCI is a non-political and non-religious international network organisation for persons up and until 40 years. Besides charity events, the JCI aims to visit local businesses on a monthly basis to learn more about the ins and outs on how a company operates.

After a short introductory to the JCI, OOS International took the opportunity to explain its core business and ellaborate on other social projects, supported by OOS International. Furthermore an informal interaction took place between Leon Overdulve and the 17 members present, discussing his entrepreneurship, the history of OOS International and the road leading up to where the company is today.

To end the evening an informal dinner was prepared by chef Edi D’Astolto of Brasserie The Lindeboom which will open in Serooskerke, mid-2019. For more information on the JCI please visit Photography by Angela Verdam.