Visit Provincial Executive of Zeeland and Municipality of Veere at OOS International

[:en]On Wednesday, June 7th Mr. Leon Overdulve, CEO OOS International, together with Ms. Danielle Keijzer, PR & Communications Officer, gave a warm welcome to Mr. Jo-Annes de Bat, Provincial Executive of Zeeland, and Mr. Leon Verlinde, Policy Advisor Knowledge Economy, Labour Market and Innovations, of the Province of Zeeland, accompanied by Mr. Jaap Melse, Municipal Councillor, and Mr. Han Reijnhoudt, Advisor Spatial Development, of the Municipality of Veere, who visited a selection of important innovative companies (including OOS International) in Zeeland.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to present our successful business operations, social commitment and growth initiatives and strongly value the good relationship between our company, the Province and Municipality. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive.

Mr. Jo-Annes de Bat gratefully thanked OOS International for the great welcome and mentioned he would be pleased to see OOS International continue with their innovative business plans, sustainability program and social projects that are highly important for the development of the province of Zeeland.[:]