Hrieps 2022

Grijpskerke, Mai 7th 2022 Proud sponsor of Hrieps 2022. The program include trusted names such as Surrender and Mooi Wark, but also the Snollebollekes, Mental Theo, Feuerengel and Pater Moeskroen…

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De Lindeboom

It has been 2 years since Serooskerke got its “Lindeboom” back, thanks to Léon Overdulve, CEO of offshore company OOS International also based in Serooskerke.  

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TechniQ Energy

The Serooskerke based companies OOS Group and TechniQ Energy have entered into an agreement in principle. TechniQue Energy has already been developing and marketing sustainable and innovative products since 2008.…

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